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Wedding Music String Quartet


Adding live music is a great way to enhance the atmosphere of your special event, creating a distinct mood for the occasion . For the last 5 years, Silhouette Strings have performed at numerous anniversaries, graduations, holiday parties and other special events. Our extensive library features music of diverse styles and genres, ranging from classical to broadway, jazz, folk, and pop arrangements. Whatever your occasion may be, we will work with you to find music that will capture the mood of your special moment, making it unforgettable.


Live music has been an essential part of the wedding tradition for centuries. The elegant ambiance provided by a professional string ensemble provides the ceremony with an air of distinction and poise befitting of such event. Silhouette Ensemble will be glad to assist you in selecting music that is appropriate for your ceremony. While the music choices are unlimited, most weddings organize the ceremony music in the following way:

Prelude: About 20 minutes before the ceremony, musicians entertain arriving guests with some background music. The selections can be requested by the bridal party, or chosen by the musicians.

Processional: Music accompanies the glorious procession of the bridal party prior to the Bride’s entrance. Some prefer different music to be played for the seating of the mothers. Some popular choices for the processional are:

Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desire, Arioso, and Air, 
Handel’s Air from Water Music
Pachabel’s Canon

Bride’s Entrance: the most dignified and triumphant music is chosen for the highlight of the ceremony. Some popular choices for the bride are:

Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary
Purcell’s Trumpet Tune
Wagner’s Bridal Chorus
Pachabel’s Canon
Bach’s Air

Ceremony Musical Selections: An unlimited number of musical interludes usually includes meditative moments such as the lighting of the unity candle, prayer, etc. Some choices for meditation are:

Schubert: Ave Maria
Bach: Ave Maria
Massenet: Meditation
Any music special to the couple

Recessional: Triumphant music accompanies the joyous couple walking down the isle. Some popular choices are:

Handel: Hornpipe from Water Music
Handel: Fireworks from Water Music
Mendelssohn: Wedding March
Mouret: Rondo (Masterpiece Theater music)
Vivaldi: Spring from Four Seasons

Postlude: Musicians will entertain the departing guests with some background music, marking a festive conclusion to the ceremony.

Weddings are very personal events, and we will be happy to accommodate all special requests.


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